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Members of the centre publish in leading academic journals in history, education and the history of education, produce monographs, contributions to edited collections and textbooks as well as disseminate research through blog contributions, specialist press and other media.


Special Double Issue of Paedagogica Historica: ‘Education, War and Peace’ out now

A special double issue of Paedagogica Historica composed of papers presented at the ISCHE 36 Conference on the theme of ‘Education, War and Peace’ edited by Gary McCulloch and Georgina Brewis was published in March 2016 as volume 52, nos. 1 and 2. The publishers will forward copies of the special issue to registered conference delegates at or after the publication date at the postal address provided. The issue presents 14 papers on a diverse range of topics, historical periods and international settings including Spain, UK, USA, Germany, Italy, Israel/Palestine, Cyprus, India and Madagascar.


The Edinburgh History of Education in Scotland (Edinburgh University Press, 2015)

Edited by ICHRE’s Mark Freeman, together with Robert Anderson and Lindsay Paterson, this book is the first multi-authored history of education in Scotland that covers the whole of its medieval and modern history. The contributors are an unrivalled group of historians and social scientists with extensive expertise in Scottish history and the history of education more broadly, and the book sets new agendas for the future of historical research in Scotland and beyond. See here for more information.


Students and the Refugee Crisis – New History & Policy Paper

In 2015 Georgina Brewis published a new paper taking a historical look at the efforts of British students and universities to aid refugee students. You can read the full paper here: Student solidarity across borders: Students, universities and refugee crises past and present


Brian Simon Collection

Edited by Gary McCulloch, a virtual issue of History of Education brings together journal articles both by and about Professor Brian Simon, in a collection designed to mark the centenary of Simon’s birth which takes place in March 2015. It provides a unique range of source material on his life, work and legacy, and acknowledges his significance as an educator and a historian of education in the context of his times and in relation to the wider historiography of the field. These articles have been made free for you to access till 31st December 2015


Professor Richard Aldrich

In honour of eminent historian of education Professor Richard Aldrich who died in 2014, the British and Foreign School Society has published a lecture he gave in May 1998 on Joseph Lancaster and Improvements in Education.  The lecture was given as part of the Lancasterian Bicentenary Celebrations and is a celebration of the work of Joseph Lancaster and the educational improvements which he began.


History of Education

Mark Freeman and Tom Woodin, both members of ICHRE, are co-editors, with Susannah Wright (Oxford Brookes University), of History of Education. Published by Taylor and Francis, this is the leading English-language journal in the field. History of Education publishes articles and book reviews from around the world, and welcomes submissions at any time. There are regular special issues: recent examples include ‘Sport, Health and the Body in the History of Education’ (41/6, 2012) and ‘Rulers, Rebels and Reformers’ (42/6, 2013). The journal also publishes regular ‘virtual special issues’ (VSIs), showcasing articles that have previously appeared in the journal, and in other journals published by Taylor and Francis. Further information about History of Education can be found here.

The first virtual special issue (VSI) of the journal was published to coincide with the ISCHE conference on the theme ‘Education, War and Peace’. The VSI brings together previously published articles from History of Education and other Taylor and Francis journals. Read the VSI here.


Other selected recent publications

Aldrich, R. (2013) ‘Neuroscience, education and the evolution of the human brain’, History of Education, Vol. 42, No. 3, pp. 396-410

Brewis, G. (2014) A Social History of Student Volunteering: Britain and Beyond, 1880-1980, Palgrave Macmillan

Carpentier, V. (2008) ‘Quantitative Sources for the History of Education’, History of Education, Vol. 37 No. 5, pp. 701-720

Chitty, C. (2013) New Labour and Secondary Education, 1994-2010, Palgrave Macmillan

Freeman, M. (2013) ‘”An advanced type of democracy”?: Governance and politics in adult education, c. 1918-1930’, History of Education, Vol. 42 No. 1, pp. 45-69

Freeman, M. (2011) ‘From “character-training” to “personal growth”: the early history of Outward Bound, 1941-1965’, History of Education, Vol. 40 No 1, pp. 21-43

Medway, P., Hardcastle, J., Brewis, G., Crook, D. (2014) English Teachers in a Post-War Democracy: Emerging Choice in London Schools, 1945-1965, Palgrave Macmillan

McCulloch, G. (2010) ‘A people’s history of education: Brian Simon, the British Communist Party, and Studies in the History of Education, 1780-1870’, History of Education, Vol. 39 No. 4, pp. 437-57

McCulloch, G. (2011) The Struggle for the History of Education, Routledge

Woodin, T., McCulloch, G., Cowan, S. (2013) Secondary Education and the Raising of the School-Leaving Age: Coming of Age?, Palgrave Macmillan



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