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Visiting delegation from China

A senior delegation from Hunan First Normal University, China, visited UCL Institute of Education in September 2016, following up an earlier visit in December 2015.  Led by President Professor Xiaoqi Peng, it met the new IOE director, Professor Becky Francis, and held further discussions with the ICHRE director, Professor Gary McCulloch, before going on to take part in the annual conference of the British Educational Research Association held in Leeds later that week.
Professor McCulloch was first invited to visit HNFNU in April 2015 and was formally designated as a visiting professor.  In 2016, Hunan Province awarded him the title of ‘famous overseas teacher’ and in this capacity he will undertake a visiting tour in spring 2017 to develop the relationship between ICRHE and Hunan further, as well as to promote the profile of historical research in education.
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